Hi, welcome to ‘the goodlife rides again’! We are writing this blog to tell you all about our year of adventure and travel. Having been made redundant/given up work Barbara and I are planning to ski, climb and explore our way around South America, and a few other places to boot. The slightly dubious plan is to buy and convert a van to live in along the way too. Hopefully you will all enjoy reading our blog and it will prove a useful resource to anybody wanting to explore some of the places we get to, or buy and live in a van in Chile!

Happy reading!

Tom and Barbara

P.S. for those of you who are either not of a certain age, or not native to the UK, check out the Good Life TV series on YouTube. Unfortunately Felicity Kendal isn’t coming with us!

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. This should be a good read! To quote Mr Leadbetter: “You’re totally insane.” Best of luck from “Jerry”.

  2. Pictures please! Lots and lots of pictures of both scenery AND you guys on Facebook whenever you can manage it. Have fun and make you both come back home safely and in one piece at the end of it ♥

  3. Tom and Barbara !

    Never got round to saying hi at your blog and to give you mine. Looks like you’re having fun oot there… I’m in Luxembourg en route to Malaysia by bicycle, londontomalaysiabybike.com



  4. Tom and Barbara!
    I met yous climbing in Yangshuo! Tom we did ‘grandfather’d in’ together. What a day. Anyway! I’m chasing a girl to South America and he wants to travel round in a van for a while so having seen the brilliant job you made on yours… Do you know here it is? I want it!!!???? Or if not at least some advice on installing a wood burner: awesome. Big Love! Sam xx

    1. Hey Sam! Actually I’ve got some photos of you at the top of grandfather I should share! Not sure where Steve is I can e-mail the people we sold him to. It would be qyite interesting to know gow he is doing anyway. How long you going out for and where too?

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